leaf_white_lftCupertino Orange Oolong Tea


Ingredients:Sechung Oolong Tea, Orange Peel, Natural Orange Flavoring

(St. Joseph of Cupertino) Our Orange Oolong Tea is a combination of Sechung Oolong Tea and natural orange ingredients. The subtle hint of oolong, which pairs nicely with the orange flavor, is a product of the shorter fermentation period common to this type of tea. Like most teas, Oolong tea derives many of its health benefits from the powerful punch of antioxidants that are found within the tea. Oolong is said to be a helpful aid to weight loss.

Saint Joseph of Cupertino was a devoute young man who saw God in everything around him. As the patron saint of students, he serves as a reminder to find joy even in the mundane experiences of our daily lives and to offer up our studies for a greater purpose. Sip on this tea while studying and find renewed purpose in your efforts.

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“Hallow the body as a temple to comeliness and sanctify the heart as a sacrifice to love; love recompenses the adorers.”
~ Kahlil Gibran