health benefits of tea

With more drink options available each day, it is increasingly important to know what is in a beverage. Tea is the answer. It is the natural and fresh alternative that our bodies crave. This simple infusion of herbs and water is also satisfying to the taste buds to help our bodies function at their highest potential. Just looking at a list of the health benefits associated with drinking tea shows that tea is healthy for the body. While tea has been enjoyed for its flavor and health benefits for centuries, these studies have gained popularity in recent years. Here are some of the many health benefits that are associated with enjoying a daily cup (or two) of tea.

  1. Helps prevent certain types of cancer.
  2. Good for your heart.
  3. Promotes better oral health.
  4. Protects bones against Osteoporosis.
  5. Helps fight bad breath.
  6. Promotes a healthy body weight.
  7. Boosts immune function.
  8. Helps digestion.

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tea: a healthy alternative to coffee and soda

Tea is the healthy alternative to coffee and soda. In addition to the health benefits listed above, there are advantages to switching to tea. Here are a few ways that tea is the natural and healthy option when compared with these other beverages. Switching to tea…

  • Provides a lower caffeine content.
  • Reduces bloating and gas caused by the carbonation in sodas.
  • Decreases the number of chemicals and food additives in the diet.
  • Lessens the caffeine and/or sugar crash later.
  • Lowers the daily intake of calories.

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