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All of our teas are a premium quality blend of flavors that have been chosen for their unique and satisfying taste. Each tea is packaged in a recyclable tin that is airtight to preserve freshness. Keeping the tea leaves sealed reduces the oxidation. Oxidation can decrease the intensity or alter the flavor of even the  highest quality teas. Our tins ensure that your last cup is as fresh as your first.

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English Breakfast Tea


While Blend Twenty comes in the traditional round tea bags, our new line of teas is packaged in pyramid tea bags. There are benefits to each type of packaging, however the pyramid tea bag offers the complete flavor of a loose leaf tea with the convenience of a ready-to-use tea bag. The structure and space within the tea bag allow the leaves to expand and steep similar to a loose leaf tea.

Some teas, such as strong black teas do not show a significant taste difference between the traditional tea bags and loose leafed varieties. However certain herbal teas are considerably better when they are steeped from fuller leaves, which is why we have choosen the pyramid tea bags for our new line of teas.

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