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The Health Benefits of Tea

Tea amazes us with its complexity. Not only does tea deliver numerous combinations of flavors, but it also carries many benefits that make it the refreshing and healthy choice. Studies on this subject have gained popularity in recent years, and the results are promising for seasoned and new tea drinkers alike.

Tea aids in cancer prevention. Polyphenols are the antioxidants found in tea, which play an important role in cancer prevention. By reducing the number of free-radicals found in the body, they ultimately reduce the damage caused to cells, thus aiding in cancer prevention.

Tea protects against aging. The same antioxidants that aid in cancer prevention also help stave off the effects of aging on the skin and body. These antioxidants helf cells repair and generate while slowing down the aging process.

Tea improves cardiovascular health. Tea reduces cholesterol levels and decreases oxidation in the blood vessels, thus reducing the likelihood of heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.

Tea promotes digestion. Tea is commonly used as a digestive aid and has also been used to relieve stomach cramps.

Tea enhances oral health. As it reduces plaque and fights cavities, tea can actually improve oral health by decreasing the number of cavity causing bacteria found in the mouth, contrary to some popular misconceptions.

Tea aids in weight loss. By increasing metabolism, tea has an impact on weigh loss. In addition, tea naturally contains no calories. Therefore, just by switching to tea, many tea drinkers can reduce their daily caloric intake due to beverages. For more on the health benefits of switching from coffee or soda to tea, click here.

While tea has been enjoyed for its flavor and used for its health benefits for centuries, the increasing numbers of studies on the subject are now beginning to back-up the previous claims.

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